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Pitching Stats Spring 2020

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1Brandon Viera ('22) Scouting ProfileRR110141114.11049220.000.42
2Sam Sloan ('21) Scouting ProfileLAKE220030013.1104191200.001.20
3Bobby Christy ('21) Scouting ProfileSICK220050013.020716520.000.92
4Garrett Moran ('0) Scouting ProfilePHU220031112.010615000.000.50
5Quinton Lindsey ('20) Scouting ProfileHRD220031114.010630410.000.71
6JT Fondren ('20) Scouting ProfileOW200030011.020512320.000.73
7Noah Harsch ('21) Scouting ProfileLRM120040010.130610210.000.77
8Ashton Crowther ('22) Scouting ProfileMM330030010.000512400.000.90
9Zach Lamb ('22) Scouting ProfileWH120040010.04079200.000.90
10Drew Brutcher ('20) Scouting ProfileLAKE430042222.041632500.320.50
11Carson Caso ('20) Scouting ProfileWHAR440042120.1311319530.340.89
12Will Parkinson ('21) Scouting ProfileBPB230040020.021828220.350.50
13Dawson Hanchey ('21) Scouting ProfileHRD411051119.0811027620.370.84
14Holden Wade ('21) Scouting ProfileSICK220031116.0711123320.440.88
15Josh Regino ('0) Scouting ProfileAP021080016.0111919440.440.81
16Jose Pena ('21) Scouting ProfileWH320040015.2611225610.451.15
17Malikk Brown ('21) Scouting ProfileMID320031114.121119700.490.56
18Austin Corn ('21) Scouting ProfileFCA330033214.011438700.500.79
19Aaron Deegan ('21) Scouting ProfileOW221140014.011623700.500.93
20Tommy Turkett ('20) Scouting ProfileSCA230030013.2111231110.510.88
21Dominic Boeing ('22) Scouting ProfileIRC101030012.07196630.581.25
22Adam Levins ('21) Scouting ProfilePALM020050012.01175300.580.83
23Carson Kull ('21) Scouting ProfileFCA210021012.041824120.580.75
24Chase Havener ('21) Scouting ProfileNEW220140011.21169600.601.03
25Ben Cheek ('21) Scouting ProfileSCA331043023.1521128500.600.69
26Zach Devito ('20) Scouting ProfileNEW430042122.2221132510.620.71
27Mason Janz ('21) Scouting ProfilePALM210030011.151513540.620.88
28Joey Jensen ('21) Scouting ProfileSCA320030011.0315211220.641.55
29Camden Minacci ('20) Scouting ProfileJES330031011.021323240.640.45
30Cody Carpenter ('20) Scouting ProfileSEB321051121.1821533600.660.98
31Connor Whittaker ('21) Scouting ProfileSARA411040020.2821617410.680.97
32Trent Lewis ('0) Scouting ProfileAP421052129.0331246400.720.55
33Jonathan Vastine ('21) Scouting ProfileBAR330032019.042635110.740.37
34Jarod Wingo ('20) Scouting ProfilePC420041026.2531446500.790.71
35Chandler Dorsey ('22) Scouting ProfileGJ312041016.142829940.861.04
36Blake Tinsley ('20) Scouting ProfileHRD221051116.0621617620.881.38
37Ray Ward ('20) Scouting ProfileBAR321030016.0422014300.881.44
38Nathan Hook ('22) Scouting ProfileRS110060015.2521612100.891.09
39Coby Welch ('20) Scouting ProfileTPT421042222.0531620520.950.95
40Brian Rivera ('23) Scouting ProfileLETO221060014.2321014220.950.82
41Nathan Vong ('22) Scouting ProfileMID310041014.082147421.001.29
42Josh Mallitz ('20) Scouting ProfileJES220031113.022618111.080.54
43Trey Pemberton ('20) Scouting ProfileVCA412041022.11241836821.251.16
44Julian Montes ('22) Scouting ProfileCCS210021011.03267711.271.18
45Mark Jarrett ('21) Scouting ProfileWH220060016.153815501.290.80
46Ricardo Garcia ('22) Scouting ProfileMID020040016.0431016521.310.94
47Brandon Ogle ('20) Scouting ProfileMAN211041116.043910231.310.69
48Eli Garner ('20) Scouting ProfileSC320040015.2331514311.341.15
49Kenny Keller ('20) Scouting ProfileROB421042025.0751437511.400.76
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