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Pitching Stats Spring 2021

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1Shane Saunders ('21) Scouting ProfileFCA441084326.210751510.000.45
2Noah Palmese ('21) Scouting ProfileSEM340161124.2101738720.000.97
3Ethan Burkhardt ('24) Scouting ProfileBM220040012.010613110.000.58
4Andrew Nordland ('0) Scouting ProfileBR010290020.0001118610.000.85
5Dearl Edens ('22) Scouting ProfileCCW1201140020.21012281100.001.11
6Xavier Talbot ('23) Scouting ProfileBCA431041118.08010211300.001.28
7Ryan Spitzer ('24) Scouting ProfileNEW030190015.150718700.000.91
8Cooper Consiglio ('23) Scouting ProfileELE411051021.0907331120.000.86
9Colin Jackson ('21) Scouting ProfileGAITH540062128.0401036800.000.64
10Kristopher Sosnowksi ('21) Scouting ProfileJES1701120041.2412547440.170.70
11Cam Kimbrell ('23) Scouting ProfileSEB7331110038.09117532030.180.97
12Ben Cheek ('21) Scouting ProfileSCA9700104252.1622766900.270.69
13Pip Smalley ('22) Scouting ProfileRR540051126.011938910.270.69
14Evan Marshall ('0) Scouting ProfileLRT320042118.2611819230.381.07
15Andrew Blackett ('22) Scouting ProfileSTP221161118.061423520.390.50
16Ezra Brennan ('21) Scouting ProfileMM320051117.1411617420.401.15
17Garrett Glasgow ('21) Scouting ProfileSTPC430050017.021932300.410.71
18David Stokely ('21) Scouting ProfileTS320041116.251836520.420.78
19Sean Hermann ('21) Scouting ProfileDUR7502104249.1932597930.430.69
20Austin Corn ('21) Scouting ProfileFCA330142016.021234720.440.56
21Zach Ashey ('21) Scouting ProfileLRGO110070015.0611013490.470.93
22Landen Maroudis ('23) Scouting ProfileCCW121060014.271916820.481.16
23Alex Lacy ('22) Scouting ProfileTPT320041113.2117151110.511.32
24Zander Fisk ('21) Scouting ProfileDUR661093239.06318302040.540.97
25Jonny Davis ('21) Scouting ProfileKING202050012.2131179120.551.42
26Caden Brown ('22) Scouting ProfileIA020180012.241417940.551.03
27Brock Joyce ('0) Scouting ProfileLRT641064236.22032151530.570.71
28Casen Gough ('22) Scouting ProfileHRD010150012.0515111110.581.33
29Anton Ortega ('21) Scouting ProfileCLW210040012.0319181510.582.00
30Chase Havener ('21) Scouting ProfileNEW721081135.110326371310.591.10
31Lucas Perez ('23) Scouting ProfileASA310070023.0221044740.610.74
32Nathan Shane ('21) Scouting ProfileLCV6801122140.111422462410.691.14
33Aaron Deegan ('21) Scouting ProfileSEM321051120.042734810.700.75
34Rylan Bozenhard ('23) Scouting ProfileDXH420040019.04213221210.741.32
35Aidan Miller ('23) Scouting ProfileMM131180017.062930940.821.06
36Connor Whittaker ('21) Scouting ProfileSARA9621114259.117742681440.830.94
37Adan Longoria ('23) Scouting ProfilePC430041124.2631133620.850.69
38Jackson Perkins ('21) Scouting ProfileWHAR4501121132.08423401130.881.06
39Tyson Meyer ('21) Scouting ProfileLRM210250016.0525181450.881.19
40Jack Owens ('22) Scouting ProfileBLOOM8722132155.016721723530.891.02
41Jamie Arnold ('22) Scouting ProfileJES1200100023.15313311140.901.03
42Brett Plimley ('21) Scouting ProfileLRM521050022.2631130720.930.79
43Jeremy Devin ('21) Scouting ProfileELE011070015.0421021230.930.80
44Zach Redner ('23) Scouting ProfileSC002180014.252926510.950.95
45Brice Hale ('22) Scouting ProfileNE440050014.252109600.951.09
46Boone Pazzaglia ('23) Scouting ProfileHRD120160014.1521117510.981.12
47Augie Mojica ('22) Scouting ProfileBM312040013.262813851.021.17
48Ethan Corscadden ('23) Scouting ProfileBDC521060020.012321171121.051.60
49Ethan Phillips ('22) Scouting ProfileCCW2111110019.2933302111.071.22
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