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Pitching Stats Spring 2020

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1Riley Morgado ('20) Scouting ProfileALR0000000.00000000.000.00
2Aiden Keane ('21) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
3Larson Coletti ('22) Scouting ProfileLRGO0000000.00000000.000.00
4Evan Ackerman ('22) Scouting ProfileLRGO0000000.00000000.000.00
5Zach Wagoner ('21) Scouting ProfileLRGO0000000.00000000.000.00
6Tyler Leap ('22) Scouting ProfileLRGO0000000.00000000.000.00
7Jeremiah Daniels ('21) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
8Jayden Douglas ('20) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
9Isaiah Brandt ('20) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
10Austin Frye ('20) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
11Nyneter Williams ('21) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
12Connnor Dugan ('22) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
13Robert Lavely ('21) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
14Ben Marsilia ('21) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
15Dylan Renner ('20) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
16Tyler Stocksdale ('22) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
17Tavon Thompson ('23) Scouting ProfileLRGO0000000.00000000.000.00
18Cameron Riley ('21) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
19Cameron Olski ('20) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
20Benjamin Borte ('23) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
21James Kenney ('21) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
22Jeremiah Wimbley-McGuire ('23) Scouting ProfileBOCA0000000.00000000.000.00
23Breton Cusic ('21) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
24Hunter Howell ('20) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
25Matthew Arce ('21) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
26Wyatt Jenkins ('23) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
27Blake Barquin ('21) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
28Cole Brewer ('20) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
29Jacob Miller ('22) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
30Seth Yborra ('20) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
31Jordan Lopez ('21) Scouting ProfileLRGO0000000.00000000.000.00
32Mike Mason ('23) Scouting ProfileLRGO0000000.00000000.000.00
33Andrew Sundean ('21) Scouting ProfileMCKL0000000.00000000.000.00
34Ryan Cleary ('21) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
35Julio Abdale ('22) Scouting ProfileSE0000000.00000000.000.00
36Fred D'Ariano ('21) Scouting ProfileSE0000000.00000000.000.00
37Aiden Colston ('22) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
38Ethan Carvalho ('22) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
39Zach Ondich ('22) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
40Cody Willoughby ('20) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
41Jordan Cook ('21) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
42Blake Albritton ('22) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
43Ryan Whelan ('20) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
44Chris Thompson ('20) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
45Jacob Robinson ('22) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
46Will Robinson ('20) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
47Dylan Davis ('20) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
48Josh Boerker ('21) Scouting ProfilePPP0000000.00000000.000.00
49Matt Crossan ('23) Scouting ProfileLRGO0000000.00000000.000.00
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