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1Logan Scheu ('20) Scouting ProfileMM330072120.0301029230.000.60
2Cole Steinmetz ('19) Scouting ProfileVCA540081032.24018571040.000.86
3Drew Brutcher ('20) Scouting ProfileLAKE550062035.04112431010.200.63
4Carson Caso ('20) Scouting ProfileWHAR320190023.031919520.300.61
5Trace Goforth ('20) Scouting ProfilePALM623182228.0722235820.501.07
6Jarod Wingo ('20) Scouting ProfilePC7500103041.0532249830.510.73
7Matt Gelorme ('19) Scouting ProfileLRM870083240.25319541100.520.74
8Justin Koehler ('19) Scouting ProfileBM852092049.08432751830.571.02
9Corey Leech ('0) Scouting ProfileAP340071123.26213421610.591.23
10Dylan Eskew ('19) Scouting ProfileSICK870095147.0742570820.600.70
11Jackson Miller ('20) Scouting ProfileMM870082143.2642954860.640.85
12Easton Jackson ('0) Scouting ProfileWH2210111020.0721219690.700.90
13Brock Soletti ('0) Scouting ProfileSSF340050019.0421422400.740.95
14Will Parkinson ('21) Scouting ProfileBPB1211121118.211219231210.751.66
15Trevor Finan ('20) Scouting ProfileARM632071037.012429421130.761.08
16Nolan Hudi ('19) Scouting ProfileCCW101010123254.1116291011020.770.72
17Connor Crosby ('21) Scouting ProfileSTP8621112044.11254234710.791.11
18Hunter Mink ('19) Scouting ProfilePHU741083142.11152757860.830.83
19Yazael Nunez ('19) Scouting ProfileLEN8623114150.113626881130.830.74
20Cooper Nelson ('20) Scouting ProfileELE661081133.1541645640.840.66
21Ryan Slater ('20) Scouting ProfileELE9701101148.27631481040.860.84
22Koby Fogg ('19) Scouting ProfileROB422042124.1531517710.860.90
23Michael Dominguez ('19) Scouting ProfileJEFF513051024.07318441020.881.17
24Daniel Vassallo ('20) Scouting ProfileCDS531052031.1741928660.890.80
25Ryan Grimner ('19) Scouting ProfileNE541080023.08322211660.911.65
26Josh Emerson ('19) Scouting ProfileCCW10800104253.013732652430.921.06
27Nate Culver ('20) Scouting ProfileELE550170022.233820650.930.62
28Michael Dorso ('19) Scouting ProfileSARA133290022.19311181430.941.12
29Brian Baughman ('19) Scouting ProfileWHAR761184344.0762757520.950.73
30Satchell Norman ('21) Scouting ProfileSARA540061028.04416301641.001.14
31Nicolas Demicelli ('19) Scouting ProfileCCC733071141.115622341121.020.80
32Cole Kramer ('19) Scouting ProfileLCV9800112144.112733341441.111.06
33Joey Willis ('0) Scouting ProfileWH522070031.012516361131.130.87
34Ryan Bradarich ('20) Scouting ProfileBDC322080030.11552436921.151.09
35Camden Minacci ('20) Scouting ProfileJES871083241.29718631141.180.70
36Nick Perez ('19) Scouting ProfileJEFF322051023.2641221711.180.80
37Nico Saladino ('19) Scouting ProfileBLOOM421080022.2542117921.241.32
38Nathan Hood ('19) Scouting ProfileDUR531082228.07513311911.251.14
39Parker Messick ('19) Scouting ProfilePC12910126472.01713461011791.260.88
40Franklin Hernandez ('19) Scouting ProfileLETO321041120.29413221321.351.26
41Gage Ricker ('19) Scouting ProfilePP220041120.054136411.400.85
42Brayden Heidel ('20) Scouting ProfileSW441172130.0962124221.400.77
43Grant Gifford ('19) Scouting ProfilePC660080029.27623231241.421.18
44Cade Kontny ('19) Scouting ProfileLCV4413151144.015927301081.430.84
45Scott Curran ('19) Scouting ProfileMCKL871091144.011922761231.430.77
46Myles Caba ('19) Scouting ProfileBLOOM11620153159.1171339672821.531.13
47Nick Ficarotta ('0) Scouting ProfilePHU112070018.0441324211.560.83
48Trent Lewis ('0) Scouting ProfileAP4224100027.0861845821.560.96
49Michael Ross ('20) Scouting ProfileGJ6811142156.1211351551451.621.15
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