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Pitching Stats Spring 2018

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1Jackson Ross (S) Scouting ProfileGJ541191129.0712132510.240.90
2Nick Hain (S) Scouting ProfileGJ2603100023.21111251110.300.93
3Cooper Nelson () Scouting ProfileELE330030018.141924220.380.60
4Mathew Byars (S) Scouting ProfileDUR220060018.0419291000.391.06
5Jonny Bunner (S) Scouting ProfileCCW350080018.0111614810.391.33
6Daniel Batcher (J) Scouting ProfileGJ121100124170.114427902440.400.73
7Nolan Hudi (J) Scouting ProfileCCW141300143280.095291192660.440.69
8Pablo Garabitos (J) Scouting ProfileLRM131110139783.2136521031640.500.81
9Adam Fischel (So) Scouting ProfileSW330181021.06210241200.671.05
10Franco Aleman (S) Scouting ProfileALR12910123272.17738107750.680.62
11Nick Watts (J) Scouting ProfileCDS430150020.1629231120.690.98
12Hishaam Shafiq (So) Scouting ProfileKING120180020.0421521810.701.15
13Connor Whittaker () Scouting ProfileSARA4500101136.26421211100.760.87
14Christian Suarez (J) Scouting ProfileLETO111100126463.114739681510.770.85
15Josh Emerson (J) Scouting ProfileCCW3403160034.28422481430.811.04
16Nathan Campbell (S) Scouting ProfileBOCA10611115560.09736821040.820.77
17Gabriel Partridge (S) Scouting ProfileCDS121110125271.112950871500.880.91
18Ian Brown (So) Scouting ProfileBPB360090023.1431923640.901.07
19Franklin Hernandez (J) Scouting ProfileLETO140070021.110318211410.981.50
20Alex Bryant (So) Scouting ProfileJES441062220.133724611.030.64
21Andre Hevesy (S) Scouting ProfileCDS342091133.08521351301.061.03
22Logan Frasier (S) Scouting ProfilePALM634181032.11252348721.080.93
23Corey Yawn (S) Scouting ProfileNC111380019.0631128701.110.95
24Michael Dominguez (J) Scouting ProfileJEFF11810141166.11311421011641.160.87
25Leandro Reyero (S) Scouting ProfileALR0020140018.0631020661.170.89
26Matthew Coker (J) Scouting ProfilePP1300100018.0531218611.171.00
27Colton Olasin (S) Scouting ProfileNC4222101029.111516151231.190.95
28Drew Butcher (So) Scouting ProfileLAKE10720122152.214929481931.200.91
29Scott Curran (J) Scouting ProfileMCKL761092240.011731411941.231.25
30T.J Gayner (S) Scouting ProfilePC634072133.21562323671.250.86
31Sam Bennett (S) Scouting ProfileBPB942093350.11393361931.250.83
32Jack Anderson (S) Scouting ProfileJES10521111155.2161052531611.261.22
33Devin Guzman (So) Scouting ProfileSSF221081122.08413191021.271.05
34Justice Thompson (S) Scouting ProfileKING450050021.1641511911.311.13
35Chase Centala (So) Scouting ProfileSICK7712122146.111935421111.360.99
36Cameron Barrier (J) Scouting ProfileCCW2101120020.04410221041.401.00
37Jordan Montes (S) Scouting ProfileSICK0110110020.011412251521.401.35
38Aaron Anderson (S) Scouting ProfileNC5600100034.210728311731.411.30
39Jake Dolcater (S) Scouting ProfileBOCA8430102043.120930382531.451.27
40Tyler Vogel (J) Scouting ProfileDUN330031019.0541219421.470.84
41Bryce Leonhardt (J) Scouting ProfileSW1010150028.0762422521.501.04
42Sam Drumheller (So) Scouting ProfileALR5132100031.114722221211.561.09
43Jakob Riley (S) Scouting ProfileLETO12641155470.0261659443031.601.27
44David Barrett () Scouting ProfileSARA10630152060.2241446542161.621.10
45Will Swantek (S) Scouting ProfileJES0025140021.1859201301.641.03
46Brendan Tracy (S) Scouting ProfileNC8731121149.2171251501121.691.25
47Brock Fagler (S) Scouting ProfilePP13652155184.22321681011341.740.96
48Zach Allen (S) Scouting ProfileWHAR10420102235.21693623641.771.18
49Brandt Sundean (S) Scouting ProfileGJ741072235.111927332201.781.39
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