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1Conor Churchill (S) Scouting ProfileELE121010165283.1176411221050.500.61
2Nolan Hudi (So) Scouting ProfileCCW121000132265.17524863030.540.83
3Freddy Tarnok (S) Scouting ProfileRS11700122253.08537631130.660.91
4Beau Nichols (S) Scouting ProfileNEW12830125271.214732802430.680.78
5Caleb Holt (S) Scouting ProfileBCW431062130.210318301300.681.01
6CJ Van Eyk (S) Scouting ProfileSW641182238.17418571020.730.73
7Jack Anderson (J) Scouting ProfileJES12730151270.217843782120.790.91
8Nathan Campbell (J) Scouting ProfileBOCA10630115258.019739681730.840.97
9Michael Dorso (So) Scouting ProfileSARA5520120033.08424331420.851.15
10Justin Good () Scouting ProfileSEM2311110024.21132222440.851.05
11Grant Walford (J) Scouting ProfileCDS2403110024.1731421220.860.66
12Keegan Houser (So) Scouting ProfileSFC11820112055.224733491940.880.93
13Jack Granese (J) Scouting ProfileROB3301110022.26317161010.931.19
14Matt Adams (S) Scouting ProfileCTRY441092230.07422201500.931.23
15BJ Carter (J) Scouting ProfileBRAN12530134360.018829743740.931.10
16Brian Lee (S) Scouting ProfileKING141130167288.2201259631620.950.85
17Logan Frasier (J) Scouting ProfilePALM8330104051.120747541320.951.17
18Julian Bosnic (J) Scouting ProfileBPB11730111058.2138311041710.950.82
19Michael Paul (S) Scouting ProfileCCC10721123151.011739561540.961.06
20Aaron Ackerman (S) Scouting ProfileIRC2402120036.0952240730.970.81
21Jonah Scolaro (S) Scouting ProfileDUR10530101150.114727872210.970.97
22Bryce Hulett (S) Scouting ProfileLWH860093042.218623461720.980.94
23Yazael Nunez (So) Scouting ProfileLEN1111111021.1431023930.980.89
24Jordan Butler (S) Scouting ProfileALR14921153282.01612331232371.020.68
25Cooper Nelson () Scouting ProfileELE3320120033.09523361441.061.12
26Tyler Vogel (So) Scouting ProfileDUN11930146070.0241165551551.101.14
27Derek Gray (J) Scouting ProfileCCW3400110125.1441119341.110.55
28Brock Fagler (J) Scouting ProfilePP10521113256.21494043921.110.86
29Ryan Duncan (S) Scouting ProfileBR11610115061.019104041741.150.77
30Keegan Galloway (S) Scouting ProfileSTP7320103242.017739361131.171.19
31T.J Gayner (J) Scouting ProfilePC3122120030.06520191161.171.03
32Alex Ballard (So) Scouting ProfileSARA0202130023.2748211121.180.80
33Lucas Smith (J) Scouting ProfileNE10810125365.0131135611461.180.75
34Colton Zimring (S) Scouting ProfileLRM11520112059.0221041872921.191.19
35Jarrett Hansell (J) Scouting ProfileLRT6512123246.112836551641.211.12
36Jacob Josey (J) Scouting ProfilePALM9540115157.219105453441.211.01
37Adrian Deleon (J) Scouting ProfileHRD651090034.11262625941.221.02
38Logan Wolf (S) Scouting ProfileNE12620122155.2261042361321.260.99
39Peyton Zoeller (J) Scouting ProfileEB643192138.217722491661.270.98
40Felix Rosario (S) Scouting ProfileLETO9541151155.0241042432631.271.24
41Brent Yeates (S) Scouting ProfileIRC331161022.0641514821.271.05
42Dante Moran (S) Scouting ProfileDXH8271113049.026948391761.291.33
43Patrick Puentes (S) Scouting ProfileHT11610123054.1131035472221.291.05
44Cole Madden (S) Scouting ProfileSARA0425120021.19425231011.311.64
45Damien Torres (J) Scouting ProfileSC10830113163.2201254381571.321.08
46Brady Allen (J) Scouting ProfileGJ6501120042.116822673821.321.42
47Justin Gross (S) Scouting ProfileBLOOM1031170026.111520151211.331.22
48Connor Scott (J) Scouting ProfilePP0631140046.111928611101.360.84
49Tanner Baker (J) Scouting ProfileCTRY741081135.113730381021.391.13
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